" Awesome cookies. Every one I get is delicious and never stale.
If you love the peanut butter, get a Rascal."

- Philip K. Berkeley, CA

" Each time I go into the Cookie Shoppe to buy a dozen cookies
for my clients, I cannot help but get one or two extras! The Ranger
is my favorite cookie, my wife likes the coconut chocolate chip spice.
Mike is wonderful, true small town hospitality and the crew there has
been nothing but very friendly and professional. Get a dozen cookies
for your family, friends, or clients, and watch their faces light up!
Thanks Cookie Shoppe for all of the smiles you bring to my customers
and helping me through those "difficult" days! "

- Brian T.

" The Cookie Shoppe specializes in big ol' American-style cookies, and
they do them very well. If you need a cookie fix, and a ranger, peanut
butter or chocolate chip type cookie will cure your ills, check them out.
They carry about two dozens kinds of cookies on hand any given day,
and varieties change day-to-day.

I am a well-known cookie monster, and gift-givers know that a box of their
cookies or a gift certificate will always make me happy. I have tried most of
their varieties over the years, and I cannot ever remember being disappointed."

- Stormy S. Chico, CA