All the yakity, schmakity so you don't
get mad at the baker

Our goal is to make sure you get the cookies you need....

• If you call ahead, we are happy to hold your order so you won't be disappointed...even if it's only 1 cookie.

• I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but we don't wake up wanting to disappoint anyone. Our psychic abilities fail us on most days so please order early and order often.

• On large orders we would appreciate a 24 hour notice. But hey, if you can sweet talk the baker into doing it sooner... more power to ya.

• If you wish to order a particular cookie on a day that we don't normally make it, there is a 2 dozen minimum. Hey, if you like the cookie that much you should have no problem eating two dozen.

• Gift Certificates are available. Perfect for the cookie connoisseur in your life.

• We also have varieties (not listed) that we make from time to time as a special addition to the menu. Just ask and you shall receive.

• We cater to the pregnant...because you're bringing new mouths to the world.

• PREGNANT WOMEN CAUTION: The Coconut Spice cookie has been known to induce labor. No lie! 60% of the time it works everytime.

• We make many people happy every day with our fresh cookies...if for some reason you are upset with us, the Cookie Shoppe would like to thank you...we like balance in our daily lives.

• We're truly concerned about cookie burn out rate... consumption of too many cookies could potentially place you on Cookie Restriction.

ANAPHYLAXIS WARNING: We bake with all kinds of nuts daily. There is always the suspicion of a possible maybe that your cookies have come in contact with said nuts. Basically in laymans terms...NO GUARANTEES!

Chuck Norris' favorite cookie is the Chocolate Ranger. Too bad for the walnuts though, because they're allergic to Chuck Norris!